This was a way, a scale, of looking at things that escaped the sundering paralysis of conflict by concentrating on the point, the purpose of the fight: What kind of schools and what kind of parks and what of privacy and what kind of beauty and what kind of options would make love a reasonable, easy response?

— June Jordan, Civil Wars (1981)


At its core, the practice of the Infrastructure Humanities Group is an effort to grasp the social, ecological, and aesthetic dimensions of infrastructures that subtend or delimit lives and worlds. As June Jordan reminds us, framing forms of power and impasse as infrastructural not only renders infrastructural solutions visible, viable, or durable but also holds the concrete promise of a just, regenerative, and communal future.

Toward this end, the Group’s aim is to elaborate the methodologies and theoretical insights of the infrastructural humanities to address the material needs of diverse partners – from community to policy to industry – and make legible otherwise unavailable forms of collective agency and ways of knowing.

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